Luxury Yacht Charter Deals SingaporeOnce your yacht charter is booked the next decision is what to take with you. Nothing can be easier than packing for a sailing vacation. No matter what your destination is, there will be lots of sun, lots of sea, and you will be living on a boat.

For clothing take with you bathing suits, shorts, t-shirts, an extra sweater, a pair of cotton trousers for a cool nights and light foul-weather gear for the occasional rainy days. On shore, with plenty of sun and sea, life on the islands is very casual and you really need very little. There are however some finer class resorts and restaurants that require dress trousers and jackets for men and dresses for women.

Do not forget sunglasses, a hat or a headscarf, and make sure you have a high-protection sun cream or sun block. The constant wind on board keeps temperature comfortable, but the combined effect of sun and reflection from sails and water can cause severe sunburns.

You will want to remember your sailing holiday and be able to share it with others. Bring along a camera and phone (if you need it) keep it in a good strong waterproof bag because it can get wet while sailing.

If you are going on a overnight charter then remember to bring along towels, toiletries, prescription medicine, seasickness tablets etc.

Items for fun like playing cards, books and CD could always come in handy either during an inter-island passage or in the anchorage.


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