Anniversary Celebration Yacht Rental Singapore

Do I need to bring my passport?

If you are sailing to Malaysian or Indonesian territories, please do bring it with you.
Passports are not required for local cruises.

Do I need to bring Ringgit/Rupiah spending money?

For Malaysian/Indonesian trips you will need to have Ringgit/Rupiah for meals ashore when required and for other incidentals. You will also need a small amount of spending money for meals/trips ashore for the other cruise destinations.

How many people will there be on my boat?

For SunRise catamaran we take maximum 18pax plus 2 crew. For HomeAway cruiser we take maximum 8pax plus 2 crew.

Is there parking available?

There is ample car parks near the marina. It's only $3.21 per entry. Cheapest in Sentosa.

Do we need to buy personal insurance?

The cruises carries a basic public liability insurance for its passengers, however personal travel / cancellation / accident insurance is strongly recommended.

Do I sleep onboard?

Yes accomodation is onboard the yacht but its limited to 8 passengers!

Will I have to share a cabin?

It may be necessary for you to share a cabin. Couples and friends will normally share.

Can I bring my mobile phone?

You can indeed bring your mobile phone. Mobile phone coverage is dependent on the cruise destination and your phone provider. In an emergency the yacht can also be contacted by radio.

Will I be able plug in my electrical appliances such as my phone charger or hairdryer?

All of our yachts have either 12 volt sockets or standard 3 pin plug sockets. You are more than welcome to use these sockets when you are in a marina and the boat is connected to shore power.

Do your boats meet safety requirements?

All of our yachts fully comply with the code of practice for small commercial vessels and meet all requirements as set down by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore! All boats are checked before and after each trip and all safety equipment is serviced on a regular basis.

Are there washing facilities onboard the yacht?

There are heads (toilets) and showers onboard the yacht.

Can I smoke onboard?

Smoking is strictly NOT permitted onboard! For safety reasons, smoking in cabins and staterooms is prohibited on our yachts.

Will I get sea sick?

If you know you are susceptible, then it is worth buying some motion sickness tablets from the pharmacy and bringing them with you.

What is the minimum length of charter?

Minumim length of charter is 2 hours!

Is there GST on the charter fee?

We are not GST registered hence NO GST will be imposed!

Do the yachts accept children on board?

Our yacht welcomes children! However, the crew cannot provide child-minding or babysitting services. Parents or accompanying adults should take care of them at all times.

Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit! However, one important point that we DO need to make ( and of course, this doesn't apply just to age)—is that a yacht does need a certain amount of physical mobility. You need to be comfortable climbing over one boat to another to get to dock at times; in and out of inflatable dinghies; across a narrow gangplank from boat to shore, and so forth.

What do I need to secure a yacht?

In order to secure a yacht for charter, a fully signed charter agreement must be completed. 100% charter fee must be paid to confirm a booking.

Are pets allowed on board?

Typically pets are not allowed onboard for health and safety reasons, and sea travel can be extremely uncomfortable for animals.

Can I bring my own caterer?

Yes, most other yachts do not allow outside caters, but on our yachts clients may use outside catering services.
If you any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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