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Organise a Team-building Retreat Onboard a Yacht

Hosting a team building retreat from time to time has many benefits. From fostering collaboration among colleagues, to improving communication and problem solving skills, a team building retreat is often a great way for departments to unwind after a long week at the office.

While there are many venues around Singapore that are conducive for hosting team building activities, yachts are increasingly becoming popular venues of consideration among organisations and it is no surprise why this trend is catching on.

There is an influx of demand for organising team building retreats on a yacht

The benefits that come with having a team building retreat onboard a yacht are:

  • A chance to escape from mainland Singapore which lightens the mood and reduces stress.
  • A unique experience that is sure to create lifelong memories for everyone.
  • A balanced and inclusive venue for both introverts and extroverts. Introverts will appreciate the open layout of the yacht while being surrounded by the sands, seas and skies; while extroverts will get to enjoy socialising with co-workers in a casual setting.
  • An affordable venue. Chartering a yacht is not as expensive as you might think. For a group of 15 guests, rates for a 4 hour charter start from $1299 nett, which is essentially $22 per hour.

SunRise’s Open Layout

So what does the 4 hour yacht charter + team building experience entail? Firstly, we will bring you to Lazarus Island, an offshore island about 30 minutes away from Sentosa. Once we have anchored off the island, you can participate in the team building activities, either on Lazarus Island itself, or onboard the yacht, depending on your preferences.

Lazarus Island is a nice escape away from mainland Singapore
Eagle Bay: Lazarus Island’s beautiful beach, a great venue to have team building activities
Indoor team building activities can be carried out comfortably in our yacht

About 2-2.5 hours will be spent on the team building exercises and once that is completed, you have the option to end off the retreat with a barbeque party. Our barbeque menu features a range of local favourites and the food will be prepared and grilled onboard by our friendly crew, who will also be accompanying you on the charter. Alternatively, you can also consider additional cruising options whereby we can bring you around the Singapore Strait to cruise past the other offshore islands such as St John’s Island, Kusu Island and Sisters’ island, or enjoy a scenic cruise off the Marina Barrage, which boasts Singapore’s central business district skyline.

Our crew who will accompany our guests throughout the charter

In addition, you can enjoy the complimentary water activities which we provide to our guests. Our yacht charters automatically come with 2 kayaks, 2 snorkel kits, 2 fishing rods (excluding bait) and a floating mat, which are sure to also bring lots of enjoyment and wonderful bonding experiences to everyone. If water activities are not what you’re looking for, the yacht is also equipped with a karaoke system and Bluetooth sound system which are sure to bring on a more relaxed mood and unwinding atmosphere.

With regards to the team building facilitators, you have the option to outsource your own or you can consider engaging our team building partners, who have had many years of great experience facilitating corporate retreats across different industries. Simply reach out to us via WhatsApp to 86617600 to drop us an email to enquiry@whitesails.com.sg to find out more.

Other things to take note of:

  • Our charters are during fixed time slots: 9am-1pm, 130pm-530pm and 6pm-10pm. We highly recommend the morning slot as it is much cooler and less crowded on the island.
  • The charters will begin and end at One15 Marina, which is located at Sentosa Cove.
  • The yacht can take a maximum of 18 guests, out of which 2-3 will be facilitators for the team building activities. This means that you can only have 15-16 guests maximum joining the charter.

Chartering a yacht for a team building retreat is a trend that is here to stay and there will be guaranteed fun, lots of laughter, building of new connections and good vibes overall. Contact us today to book your yacht charter package!

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