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Organise a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot on a Yacht: Scream “I’m Flying!”

Now that you and your sweetheart are officially engaged, you might have started cracking your heads to plan your pre-wedding photoshoot. Singapore offers countless of amazing settings to have your beautiful pictures taken and you could be spoilt for choice. But somehow, at the same time, these venues do not seem to excite you for some reason.

Pre-wedding shoot onboard SunRise

Perhaps we could offer a suggestion to you. Why not a nautical-themed photoshoot onboard a private yacht? Yachts provide a very contemporary and luxurious atmosphere which serves as the perfect backdrop for stunning photographs. It is like a destination wedding photoshoot without actually flying out of Singapore. Imagine being surrounded by different hues of blue, while the sunrays dance in the sea, making the waves sparkle gold. Sounds like paradise, doesn’t it?

Sun rays dancing on the sea

Nautical photoshoots are always going to be in trend due to the exclusive and unique experience that comes along with chartering a yacht. Furthermore, the photographs that come out will capture lots of attention and keep your guests guessing during the slideshow segment of your wedding banquet. But more importantly, being onboard a yacht, away from the mainland, it’s not just a photoshoot but an adventure as well. Whether it is waving a friendly hello at passing boats, to enjoying small thrills and laughs when the mischievous sea waves pick up a little from time to time, it is going to be a fun, exclusive and memorable experience shared only between the both of you.

Romantic sunset

If you charter a yacht for the pre-wedding shoot, not only do you get to shoot on the yacht, you also have the option to have your photographs taken at Lazarus Island, an offshore island beside St John’s Island. Lazarus Island is a beautiful island, untouched by urbanisation. Boasting a beautiful U-shaped beach lagoon, and lots of greenery, your photographs will look like a scene out of Thailand or Indonesia. The best part? Lazarus Island is not crowded which gives you lots of creative freedom and relaxation, especially if you’re very camera shy.

Pre-wedding shoot on Lazarus Island

Here at White Sails, we offer multiple time slots for our guests. However, we strongly recommend the evening slot. The evening slot is cooler, and you’ll get to enjoy golden hour from the sunset and the romantic blue hour which makes your photographs all the more ethereal. With the evening slot, you also have the option to cruise past the Wings of Time show whereby you can take photographs with beautiful fireworks in the background – really spoiling the market here!  

Golden hour

Hopefully, at this juncture, we have piqued your interest. If you’re interested to find out more about our yacht you can refer to our website here. We prioritise in providing a fuss-free, easy booking process as well, so you can refer to our online booking form to check our availability. Simply select the date, time and the total number of people (including photographer, make-up artist etc.) and make payment. We also work with a variety of experienced photographers in the wedding industry and can recommend some names to you if you’d like. Our friendly sales representatives can be reached at 86617600 or you can drop us an email to enquiry@whitesails.com.sg.

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