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A Simple Guide to Renting a Yacht in Singapore

Back in 2019, many of us were looking forward to 2020, the new decade/ new beginning. However, none of us ever anticipated COVID-19, which led to lockdowns and uncertainty. Essentially, a temporary pause to international travel, and a heavy emphasis on personal hygiene and healthcare.

While Singapore has handled the situation pretty well, border restrictions have led us to begin looking inward towards our local attractions; and to accept that this December holidays, we’d have to continue staying put in our sunny little island. Thankfully this is not all bad news as Singapore has many novel experiences to be explored! For instance, a 4 Hour Private Yacht Charter to Lazarus Island.  

Why Charter a Yacht?

While Singapore boasts amazing urban architecture, at times, the concrete jungle can be stifling. A yacht charter presents the opportunity to escape the grind of the city life, for a couple of hours. You’ll get to enjoy Lazarus Island in its beauty, as well as water activities such as kayaking, fishing and snorkelling.

Moreover, yacht charters aren’t as expensive as you think. For instance, our all-inclusive weekday prices for 5 guests are as low as $599 NETT, which is about $120 NETT per person. That is a pretty low price for the level privacy and luxury you’ll get to enjoy in this nautical experience. At the same time, yachts are also versatile event spaces to host different kinds of events such as: wedding solemnisations & proposals, corporate retreats and birthday celebrations.

Our Yacht, SunRise

Our yacht, SunRise, is a beautiful 40-feet (12 metres) sailing catamaran with 3 interior cabins, open deck space and comfort with cruising capacity of up to 18 guests. As a catamaran, SunRise has two hulls, which makes yachting on SunRise very stable. This is great news for those of you who are susceptible to sea sickness, as the yacht will not rock too much in the sea currents.

Side view with Lazarus Island in the background
Back view with St John’s Island in the background
Front deck of SunRise

SunRise is also equipped with many amenities to ensure you are always comfortable during the trip. For instance, we have kitchen facilities such as a refrigerator and microwave, washrooms with heated showers and air-conditioning for you to cool off. The yacht also has an excellent sound system for those who are in the mood for some partying, and a trampoline-style seating net which is perfect for short naps/ sunbathing and offers a 360 degree view of the Southern offshore islands and the sea. A perfect Instagram spot! Our rentals also come with free use of kayaks, snorkelling kits, fishing rods (excluding bait) which can be requested for during the trip.

Interior of the yacht
Single-seated kayaks that can fit two people each
Floating mat

What does a Typical Yacht Charter Itinerary Entail?

Our standard itinerary is pretty straightforward:

You’ll first meet our Captain and crew at ONE°15 Marina Club outside Cold Storage, 10 minutes before your trip. The Cold Storage is beside the Visitor’s Carpark. Our Captain will then walk you to the yacht which is about a 2-min walk away. Once you’ve reached the yacht, remove your shoes (there is a shoe bag onboard) and settle nicely in the yacht. Our Captain and crew will get ready to depart for Lazarus Island. It is about a 30 minutes journey (one-way) from the marina.

SunRise in the Marina
On the way to Lazarus Island

Upon reaching the island, the yacht will dock at the pier and will remain there throughout till departure. At this point in time, it’s completely free and easy. You can stay onboard the yacht throughout the trip or explore the pristine and quiet Lazarus Island on foot. You can also use the time to enjoy water activities like kayaking, snorkelling, fishing and swimming. As we don’t charge corkage fees, you can also bring your own meals and drinks, and have them onboard the yacht to ease that racked up appetite after the outdoor activities. 

Lazarus Pier
Walking trail in Lazarus Island
Eagle Bay beach lagoon in Lazarus Island

About 30 minutes before the end of the trip, report back to the yacht. Then our Captain and crew will bring you back to the marina.

The aforementioned itinerary is our standard package. But if you’d like to enhance the experience even further, consider some of our add-on options.

1. BBQ

You can order BBQ food from us as well. You’ll also be charged for the pit rental and grilling service. During the charter, our crew will set up and cook the BBQ food onboard while you enjoy the water activities and the island. All you got to do is enjoy the food!

One of our crew preparing BBQ food onboard the yacht

2. Southern Islands and Marina Bay City Skyline Cruise

If you prefer to cruise around the seas and enjoy the breeze, perhaps the Southern Islands and Marina Bay City Skyline Cruise could be for you. These cruises will be within the 4h charter duration. You’ll get to enjoy the views of the other Southern Islands (Kusu Island, St John’s Island and Sisters’ Island) as well as the CBD district from the comfort of the yacht.

Southern Islands view from above
Credits: The Straits Times
City Skyline Cruise at night
City Skyline Cruise during the day

Renting a Yacht is Really Simple

Now that you know all about the yacht, the destination and our services, comes the most important question. How should we go about booking a yacht charter?

Here at White Sails, we are always committed in ensuring that our guests have a seamless and simple experience when they are booking a yacht with us. Our website is pretty comprehensive, containing useful information about our yacht, our prices, our additional services, along with videos and pictures to allow you to have a better visualisation of the rental experience. 

To enquire about our yacht’s availability, all you’ll have to do is fill up the online booking form, which will take you about a minute or two. In addition, you can also contact us directly via WhatsApp or email where we can attend to your enquiries and requests immediately.Simply provide us with the following information:

Simply provide us with the following information:

  • Preferred date of rental
  • Preferred time of rental
  • Number of pax attending
  • Your name and email address

and we will check our booking calendar before getting back on availability and subsequent steps for booking. With our WhatsApp line, you can also directly ask us your own questions about the yacht and the additional services we provide. Planning a surprise celebration or proposal? Do let us know early and we can help advise you on all the necessary arrangements that you can make!

Once you’ve decided to go ahead with the charter, all you have to do is pay us in full via Bank Transfer or PayNow, and we will promptly send a confirmation email. The email will contain instructions on what to expect on the day of charter, as well as contact information of the Captain and crew who will be accompanying you during the trip.


TLDR: A quick summary of the yacht charter booking process

Things to note when Chartering a Yacht with us

Chartering a yacht with us comes with a set of Terms and Conditions which our guests should adhere to. Our terms on postponements, refund policies and cancellations below.

  1. Feel free to bring your own food, drinks and cutlery. We don’t charge corkage fees.
  2. For hygiene purposes, please bring your own towels and toiletries as we do not provide them.
  3. There is no refund for cancellation but postponement is allowed. A $50 admin fee will be charged for booking date change. The next booking date must be within 1 month from the date of initial booking. Thereafter, the booking will expire. Please speak to us and we will assist you with your date change.
  4. There will be no refunds if lesser pax attend or for cancellation of any services booked. Offsetting paid amount for one service for another is not allowed.
  5. As we charter in local waters, there is no need to bring a passport.
  6. Strictly NO SMOKING on board our yacht at all times.
  7. The trip will be postponed for up to 30 minutes in case of wet weather. If the bad weather persists, guests will be able to reschedule at their convenience. There will be no refunds for cancellations. If it rains during the booking period, no postponement is allowed and there will be no refund for unused hours. If it’s light rain, we can still go ahead with the trip.
  8. No pets are allowed on our yacht.
  9. We provide life jackets for children aged 5 years and older. It’s strongly advised for you to bring your own jackets for infants and children below 5.

On that note, we look forward to serving you onboard SunRise, and provide you with the best local nautical experience around the Singapore Strait!

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