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What You Should Do To Have An Enjoyable Yacht Charter

Planning a yacht charter trip for the first time? We’ve compiled three handy tips to ensure you have a smooth-sailing (pun intended) and enjoyable yacht charter.

1. What to bring to your yacht charter

A. Toiletries

Oftentimes, our customers ask us for recommendations for things to bring to maximise their yacht rental experience. First and foremost, you should bring toiletries such as soaps, shampoos and towels. This is so that you may wash up after participating in the water activities. The yacht has restrooms and heated shower facilities which you may use to wash up.

Interior of SunRise
B. Hats, sunglasses and sunscreen

The next important thing to bring would be your hats or sunglasses, and sunscreen, lots of it! As you’ll be exposed in direct sunlight for four hours, it is important to protect yourself from harsh UV rays. However, if you’re looking to work your tan, a tanning lotion could be what you need to bring instead.

Water activities on yacht
c. sea-sickness pills

As Singapore is sheltered by land masses from Indonesia and Malaysia, our waters are really calm. The occasional small waves that do come though, originate from cargo ships or coastal guard vessels that are passing by. These small waves last for at most 30 seconds and are very safe and normal in Singapore’s waters. However, if you’re susceptible to sea-sickness, it’s best to bring sea-sickness pills to help reduce potential nausea.

Calm Sea Waters
D. refreshments

In addition, as you will be out at sea, please remember to bring sufficient drinking water to hydrate yourselves. We do not charge corkage fees, which means that you can bring your own refreshments at zero cost. The yacht is equipped with a cooler box and a fridge to keep your refreshments cool. If you’re using a cooler box, please also remember to purchase ice. You can purchase the ice at the Cold Storage in the marina.

If you’re interested in having a dynamic meal onboard, consider our BBQ which is sure to satisfy your taste buds! All you’ll have to do is sit back and relax, while our crew prepares and cooks the food for you. Menus will be provided upon request.

We’ve already explained the things you should bring on a yacht charter. But, there are also things that you need not bring as well. For example, there is no need to bring your passport, as Lazarus Island is within Singapore waters. Our yacht, at this point in time, does not charter on international waters. Secondly, we have a strict “no pets allowed” policy so it’s not possible to bring your pets onboard the yacht. This is to maintain the highest standard of hygiene and cleanliness of the vessel.

2. Engaging Entertainment

Our yacht charters offer many entertainment options such as kayaking, snorkelling and fishing. Once the yacht has docked at the jetty on Lazarus Island, you can disembark the yacht and explore the island. We also offer inflatable floats and a floating water mat which can be rented from us. That’s quite a handful of outdoor entertainment options when you yacht with us.

Lazarus Island
10 Pax Inflatable Float Island
Floating Water Mat

There are also entertainment options within the yacht too. The yacht is thoroughly air-conditioned which provides great respite from the heat outside. There is a karaoke sound system which is perfect if you wish to party to some good music. At the same time, the yacht has a trampoline-style outdoor seating space where you can snap aesthetic photos.

To enhance your yacht experience even further, we also offer other add-on options. One example is the Southern Islands and City Skyline cruise. In this cruise, we’ll sail you around Singapore’s offshore islands and the Marina Bay district. It’s a great opportunity to experience Singapore from a nautical perspective.

Southern Islands Cruise, en-route to Marina Bay

Should you opt for an evening charter with us, there is an additional Fireworks Viewing Cruise, which allows you to enjoy unobstructed views of the fireworks which come from Sentosa’s daily Wings of Time show. Speak to one of our representatives ahead of your charter should you wish to have these add-on features.  

3. Stick to the rules

This last tip is a no-brainer. Here at White Sails, we take safety precautions very seriously and responsibly. Before the start of charter, a comprehensive safety briefing will be given. There’s also at least 2 crew members onboard to ensure guests are well taken care of at all times. With our safety standards in place, we are always committed to maintaining a zero-accident rate.

Safety is of upmost importance

Renting a yacht is a really fun and affordable leisure activity to engage in during the weekends. You’ll get to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the charms of the Southern Islands. In addition, renting a yacht is a hassle-free process. Simply drop us a line here and one of our representatives will contact you shortly.

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