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A Quick Look at Lazarus Island: An Escape from one Island to another Island

Singapore, despite being geographically located on the Equator, is not your typical idle tropical island. Instead, it is a bustling metropolis with high rise commercial and residential buildings. As a result, many Singaporeans turn to neighbouring countries to enjoy beach holidays. However, did you know that Singapore has many offshore islands? In fact, we used to be made up of more than 70 islands! One example would be Lazarus Island, which is a 30-minute sail away from mainland Singapore.

Lazarus Island is a small island situated next to the more well-known St John’s Island. It was initially planned to be a beach resort island but the plans did not materialise. This left the island pristine and idyllic, with a jaw-dropping beach to boast and undisturbed nature all around. Therefore, if you’re in need of an escape, why not consider making a trip down to Lazarus Island? Still unsure? Here, we will dive deeper into what activities you can do in this sunny little island.

Eagle Bay on Lazarus Island

1. Catch up on your tan and have a dip in the clear blue seas

Lazarus Island is made up of two beaches. The first beach overlooks St John’s Island while the second U-shaped beach faces the sea. The U-shaped beach is also where many yachters like to anchor due to its impressive views. The beach boasts clean and soft white sands and clear, sky-blue waters straight out of a postcard. Moreover, there is usually not a crowd in sight, making it the perfect spot to catch up on well-needed beach therapy.

Aerial Map of Lazarus Island
U-Shaped Beach on Lazarus Island

The seas at this beach are also quite calm too and many of our customers enjoy kayaking and snorkelling here. If you’re lucky, you might spot elusive marine life like dolphins and turtles, which frequent the area occasionally.

2. Explore Lazarus Island and visit St John’s Island

Lazarus Island is not commercialised and hence, does not have much amenities, but it’s still a fascinating island to explore. As Singaporeans, we are very used to our urbanised lifestyles, with a shop or building at every corner. Lazarus Island, on the other hand, is essentially nothing apart from palm/ coconut trees and grasses. This makes visiting the island a rejuvenating experience and a quick escape away from the city life. Despite being only 5.58 square kilometres in size, it’s filled with hidden gems and charms – which brings us to our next point.

3. Say hello to some friendly island dwellers

Did you know that Singapore has its own ‘Cat Island’? Neighbouring St John’s Island used to be home to about 100 cats. However, due to fears of overpopulation and spread of disease, most of the cats have since been neutered and sterilised. The remaining cats, about 16 of them, still wander the island. They can sometimes be seen lounging in the shady patios of Lazarus Island from time to time. These felines are highly social creatures, and are quite friendly to island visitors. While these felines are no strangers to human interaction, they are ultimately still strays, so exercise caution if there are children with you.

One of many cats in Lazarus Island

4. Team-building activities

If you’re planning a corporate retreat or a team-building activity, Lazarus Island could be the ideal location for you! The island is usually empty during the weekdays. This creates a conducive environment to organise team-building games that are sure to bring your team closer. From beach games, GPS-enabled treasure hunts, to augmented reality, the options are limitless when you have an entire island to yourself.

Team Retreats made unique with yacht charter

5. Pre-wedding photoshoots

As mentioned before, Lazarus Island is largely uninhabited, apart from a few furry friends. Therefore, it is also a great place to consider having your pre-wedding photoshoots at. Make do without the highly commercialised wedding photoshoot locations like Marina Barrage and the Botanical Gardens. Instead, you can incorporate a tropical island vibe to your photoshoot, without having to leave Singapore: cost- friendly and unique! Beaches aside, Lazarus Island has lots of greenery and even a Lalang field where you can take many creative and beautiful photos.

Photoshoot on Yacht with St John’s Island in background

6. Rent a yacht and enjoy floats, BBQ on board, snorkelling, kayaking, fishing

Last but not least, why not take your Lazarus Island up a notch by renting a private yacht? Private yachts, contrary to belief, are pretty affordable and very accessible. A yacht charter for 18 pax can cost $72 for four hours. That’s about $18 per hour, almost the same fare as a ferry ride to St John’s Island! By renting a yacht, you can enhance your time spent at Lazarus Island, with scrumptious BBQ, snorkelling, kayaking and even fishing! Floats are up for rent, allowing you to lounge on the water.

SunRise Yacht
Kayaking near Lazarus Island

To further enhance your yacht rental experience, you can opt for the Southern Islands and Marina Bay City skyline cruise. In this cruise, you’ll sail around the other offshore islands and past by the CBD district. This experience is a customer-favourite as you’ll get to experience Singapore from a sailor’s perspective. If you rent a yacht in the evening, you can also catch unobstructed views of the fireworks from Sentosa’s Wings of Time show! Keen on renting a yacht? Please drop us an enquiry and one of our representatives will get back to you shortly!

Now that you know all about Lazarus Island and the things you can do on this quaint little island, the next time you find yourself itching with desire to head to the beach, plan a trip to Lazarus Island! It’s a trip definitely worth experiencing!

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