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7 Reasons to Rent a Private Yacht in Singapore

Singapore is a really small country, with a total land size of 721.5 squared-kilometres. Being an urban metropolis, most of Singapore’s land spaces are taken up by commercial and residential buildings, leaving little space for a nature-themed weekend.

Although there are pockets of green within our island, such as the reservoir parks and Bukit Timah Hill, they do not seem enough to satisfy our cravings for an escape out of the city. Weekend trips to neighbouring countries such as Malaysia and Thailand have all been tried and tested but did you know you can still have a true escape from the city without actually leaving Singapore?

While we cannot deny that Singapore is small, there is more to Singapore than meets the eye. Our sunny little island is made up of not just one, but 63 islands, and some of these islands are readily accessible to the public, no passports or permits required! An example of such an island is Lazarus Island.

While there are ferry services that could bring you to islands such as St John’s and Kusu Island, they tend to be packed and heavily commercial. In order to fully explore, immerse and experience the beauty and luxury of Singapore’s Southern Islands region, why not travel at your own pace on a private yacht in Singapore’s calm waters? Here, we share seven amazing reasons why chartering a private yacht in Singapore should be next on your to-do list.

SunRise in the horizon

1. You can escape the crowds and even have an island to yourself

If you’ve ever attempted visiting Singapore’s beaches during both weekdays and weekends, you’d know that it’s impossible to snap picture-perfect photographs without dozens of people in the background.

On the other hand, a typical 4-hour yacht charter will bring you to Lazarus Island, a quiet, idyllic island that is about a 30 minutes sail away from Sentosa. Upon reaching the island jetty, you’ll find that the crowds here are very minimal – just a couple of other yachts in the vicinity, with people who prefer to remain on their yachts. On the weekdays, especially, it’ very common to be the only people on the island which is a very rare experience when you live in a densely populated country like Singapore.

Once the yacht has berthed on the jetty, take a walk around the island and immerse in the tranquility and serenity of the island. Relax, breathe, and enjoy the simplicity of the island and of course, the undisturbed photo sessions (no photo bombs!)

Lazarus Island Walking Trail

As Lazarus Island is really small, you’re bound to end up in Eagle Bay, a beach lagoon on Lazarus Island, which also happens to be one of Singapore’s most secretive hidden gem! With a sheltered bay and calm waters, crystal clear waters and soft white sand, the lagoon is so beautiful it’s as though you stepped into a postcard. Even better, you can have the beach or even the whole island to yourself – and that is indeed a tropical paradise.

Eagle Bay on Lazarus Island

2. Watch the sunset at the sea

Imagine cruising on a private yacht in Singapore waters with family and friends. There is a soft salt-filled breeze, soothing sounds of sea waves, the sea is shimmering like gold from the rays of the setting sun, and the sky is a beautiful display of blue, orange and pink hues. In that moment, you would feel an unparalleled sense of freedom, liberation and comfort that is a fitting crown to your yacht charter experience.

Sunset chasing onboard a private yacht is definitely a memorable and unique experience that you will take with you for life. This is especially the case in Singapore, where it is uncommon to associate our island with sunny beaches and tropical paradises.

Sunset with the city skyline in the background

3. Discover Singapore’s marine life

Like its neighbours such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, Singapore too, has a rich marine biodiversity and its own share of aquatic gems. Lazarus Island for example, has seen the elusive, rarely-seen, Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins, also known as the Pink Dolphins, as well as sea turtles and stingrays. Perhaps, if you’re lucky, you may be able to spot these marine creatures during your yacht charter to Lazarus Island.

Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin
(Image from: TODAYonline)

4. Enjoy a pampering experience unlike any other

One good thing about Singapore’s geographical location is that its waters are surrounded and therefore, protected by land masses from Malaysia and Indonesia. This keeps our sea waters, specifically the Singapore Strait, very calm which is ideal for yacht chartering. In addition, some yachts are double-hulled catamarans, which provide increased stability and comfort for yacht charterers to unwind and enjoy the waves.

This is especially perfect if you’re looking to catch up on your tan onboard the yacht’s open deck spaces. Yachts also come equipped with comfort-bringing facilities such as heated shower systems, air-conditioning, kitchen utilities, a karaoke system and ample seating space, just to name a few, which are sure to bring smiles to your faces after much exposure to Singapore’s hot and humid weather.

Exterior of SunRise

5. Delight in a highly personalised experience

By chartering a private yacht, you will be able to work with your yacht charter provider to come up with the perfect, customised itinerary to meet your needs, wishes and preferences. For instance, if you’d like BBQ on board or extend the duration of your charter, you can arrange for that by speaking with your charter provider. This definitely beats public transportation options i.e. ferries, which operate on very fixed schedules.

Other experience enhancers include the Marina Bay City Skyline Cruise which allows you to sail past Singapore’s financial district, the Southern Islands Cruise which brings you past the other islands in the Southern Islands region, as well as the Fireworks Viewing Cruise which enables you to enjoy unobstructed views of the fireworks from the Wings of Time show in Sentosa, at the comfort of the yacht.

Southern Islands Cruise

In addition, your yacht charter provider may offer a variety of water toys to increase the fun factor in your yacht experience. For example, in White Sails, we offer fishing rods, snorkel kits and kayaks FREE of charge! For the adrenaline seekers, go for a dive into the clear blue sea from the yacht’s open deck platform.


6. Appreciate a different perspective of singapore

As you sail around the Singapore Strait, when sailing to and fro Sentosa and Lazarus Island, you can take the time to observe how our maritime industry and busy straits are essential in sustaining and connecting our economy with the rest of the world. If you’ve opted for the Marina Bay City Skyline add-on, you’ll be able to view the iconic Marina Bay city skyline from the lens of a sailor, from an outsider’s perspective. This cruise is not only picturesque, but it’s a meaningful experience that is both historically and economically significant to Singapore.

Marina Bay City Skyline Cruise

7. It’s not as expensive as you think it is

Now we’ve come to the most important reason – that’s right, yacht charters are not as expensive as you think they are. It’s a common misconception to think chartering a yacht is expensive and exclusive to the rich and successful but fortunately, that is not the case at all.

A four hour charter to Lazarus Island for 10 people on a weekend costs only $899, which is about $90 for four hours, and $22.50 per hour. Best part is, the prices offered are NETT. is That’s definitely a very fair and reasonable deal for the amount of unparalleled luxury you’d get to enjoy. Moreover, yachts are very versatile and you can have many types of events hosted – anniversary celebrations, birthday parties, wedding solemnisations and photoshoots, proposals and more.

Wedding Photoshoot on SunRise

In the end, what matters is a chance for you to unwind in your own unique way in maximum privacy. After all, quality time-off from the grind is about being in full relaxing mode, and leaving the stress behind. In an idyllic setting such as Lazarus Island, which is far from commercialisation, you do get what you pay for. For yacht charter enquiries, drop us a line with your preferred dates, times, number of pax, contact details as well as questions that you might have, and we will be in touch immediately!

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