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The Top 4 Common Misconceptions about Renting a Yacht

Singapore is a bustling metropolis and a densely-populated urban landscape and its territory extends beyond the island. It has jurisdiction over many beautiful offshore islands, which are teeming with diverse flora, fauna and marine life. To experience the quiet vicinity of the offshore islands, you might want to consider renting a yacht.

Yacht chartering is a unique and memorable experience but people are holding back from renting a yacht when making weekend/ holiday plans, because of several persistent misconceptions about renting a yacht. Here, we list the four most common misconceptions that we’ve encountered about renting a yacht over the years in the charter business.

1. Only rich people can enjoy yachting

Yachts are no stranger to Hollywood movies where indulgent characters like Russian Billionaires and curious-looking stock brokers, own and use the yachts for leisure or business. With media portraying yachts as venues where the rich convene, it is perfectly understandable for people to associate yachts as laps of luxury exclusive only to the rich. Contrary to popular belief, this is not true at all.

Yachts can be pretty affordable if you know where to look. For instance, yacht rentals can go as low as $1299 for 18 people, which is about $72 each for four hours and $18 per hour! That is really affordable for a luxury yacht. Of course, as the logic goes, more people = more value for money so if you’re looking to organise an upcoming family gathering, why not give a yacht rental a try?

Side View of SunRise

2. Yachting is only suitable for special occasions

Yachts, like many event spaces, are very versatile in terms of functionality. You need not have to rent a yacht for very special occasions. Casual events like a family day out can be organised onboard the yacht. Additionally, yacht charter itineraries are straightforward and being onboard a yacht with your favourite people is a great way to catch up and forge new and special shared memories.

Platform jump into the sea

3. Yachting is only for younger people

Yachting is an activity that can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life and all age groups. From sunbathing in the beautiful beach lagoon of Lazarus Island, to lounging on the sea with inflatable floats and relaxing under the skies and winds on the yacht’s open deck, it’s a great opportunity to be in tune with nature. Age is subjective after all and yacht chartering is known to be a very rejuvenating experience.

Yacht Experience = Maximum Relaxation

4. You need to have extensive boating knowledge and experience to charter a yacht

This, fortunately, is not true. Unlike land vehicle rentals, you need not have to manoeuvre and operate the yacht yourself. Instead, your yacht charter experience will be accompanied with a Captain and crew. All you’d have to do is to sit back, relax and enjoy the sun, seas and yacht.  

All smiles onboard

With these misconceptions out of the way, it’s pretty clear that renting a yacht is not as exclusive and bank-breaking as it seems. Instead, it’s quite affordable for the amount of luxury, comfort and privacy you’re receiving.

Booking a yacht for your next charter is really simple. All you’ll have to do is fill up a booking form on our website and one of our representatives will contact you shortly after. With Singapore’s warm climate year-round, renting a yacht is an experience worth trying at least once in your life. We promise you would not regret it!

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