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Sunrise is a beautiful 40 feet sailing catamaran with 3 interior cabins, open deck space and comfort for cruising capacity of up to 18 guests, she is ideal for day or night charters.

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    A married couple’s Anniversary Day serves as a fond reminder to the day when they were bonded in lifelong matrimony. Such a special day should be celebrated and remembered in the most meaningful, romantic and unique way possible.

    White Sails, fortunately, has the ideal package to make your Anniversary dreams a reality! Take a yacht of your choice from Sentosa Island’s One Degree 15 Marina Club and get ready to be pampered with the picturesque and contrasting views of both Singapore’s city skyline as well as the lush greenery of Singapore’s Southern Islands. Turn up your favourite music playlist using our sound-speaker system, take in the salt-filled sea breeze, embrace the warm rays of the sun and be lulled by the waves of the sea.

    Take a walk with your significant other on the jetties of Lazarus Island, an offshore island beside the more well-known St. John’s Island, and be greeted with one of Singapore’s most pristine beaches found on the island. Reward your peepers with the crystal clear aquamarine water and the soft-white sandy beach, where you could bask in the tropical sun and achieve that tan goal you have been meaning to achieve. Take many beautiful photographs together for you and your partner to treasure and to spruce up your Instagram feed that would make your peers envious and awe-struck!

    There are so many more things you and your partner could do together. If you are the adventurous sort, White Sails offers kayaks and snorkelling gear for you to utilise and explore. Catch a fish with your partner and swim around the lagoon which Lazarus Island oversees. White Sails offers floats in which you could use to enjoy the sun the sea and even your favourite drink!

    If you choose the night charter, you will be guaranteed a wondrous view of Singapore’s night skyline, which will ensure and provide a very romantic setting for both you and your partner to savour and enjoy.

    Forge your memories with your partner with White Sails and take the next step to make this idealistic day a reality!



    Beautiful yacht weddings in Singapore for a day to remember forever

    Marriage is one of the most special occasions in one’s life. It is a celebration of the commitment of two people to spend the rest of their lives together. When it comes to weddings, no expense is too great — getting married is a once in a lifetime occasion that sticks through all memories forever. If you want to have a perfect, memorable wedding that will wow your friends and family, but are afraid of all the stress and organising that is involved, look no further than White Sails.

    Memorable yacht solemnisation services that will truly stun your guests

    Have an unconventional wedding solemnisation out at sea instead of on land with Singapore’s most famous provider of yacht solemnisation services. By celebrating your wedding exclusively through White Sails, you’ll be taken on a breathtaking journey out into Singapore’s Southern Islands. Immerse yourself in the luxury of the yachts by spending time away from the hustle and bustle of city life with the amenities our yachts have got to offer, from the lavish bedrooms to the powerful air conditioning system within the yachts’ interiors.

    Anchor on the bays of Lazarus Island and feel like you are in another country by being greeted with the magnificent view of clear waters and a clean white beach to spend the day on with your loved ones.

    With the tranquil breezes of the sea and the backdrop of the naturistic view of the Southern Island and the yacht, it is White Sails provides the perfect ambience to celebrate one’s matrimony in a private and unique manner. Having a yacht wedding truly guarantees that your special day will be even more special, and you will have a wedding that will be in the hearts and minds of all of your friends and family forever.



    Build the teamwork in your corporate team and group by bringing them aboard one of White Sails Yacht to spend the day bonding and getting to know one another. With everyone having the common experience of being on a yacht and going into an unfamiliar environment, it would bring the team together through shared experiences and adventures with one another while also having the privilege of enjoying the luxurious facilities a yacht has got to offer.

    Team members would be able to enjoy the breath-taking view of Sentosa Island and Singapore’s urban landscape which would definitely be invigorating for everybody who has never been on a yacht before. At the same time, they would be able to visit Singapore’s offshore islands and take many pictures together, showcasing the pleasant memories they all shared from being on the yacht.

    Activities and games can be played on the islands which would further bring the team together. Lazarus Island, for instance, is a very versatile island with sufficient land space to conduct corporate team-building, ice-breakers and bonding activities.

    White Sails also provides good customer service to help you listen to your plans and desires, explaining the options available for you and your team and even suggest ways and methods that could aid in providing the necessary personalised and customised services to enhance and improve the team-building experience for you and your corporate team.

    Be assured that whatever your corporate group’s dynamics are, White Sails will be able to provide the perfect setting to make your team-building event an overwhelming success.



    Ever dreamt of having a wedding photoshoot within Singapore but also, at a location that is also exotic? Fret not, White Sails has the perfect solution for you to make your photoshoot desires a reality. With White Sails, you would be able to have your wedding photoshoot within Singapore while also at a location that is very unique and also gives off a tropical paradise vibe.

    Travel to Lazarus Island in style by taking a yacht from Sentosa Island’s One Degree 15 Marina Club. With the azure blue sky in the horizon, sparkling sea water and the crisp salt air, you would be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting photos for the actual wedding ceremony.

    With the luxurious amenities our yachts have got to offer i.e. air –conditioning, toilets, bedrooms and very comfortable sofas within its interiors, the wedding photoshoot would be a pleasant and comfortable experience for you and your partner, should you choose to shoot your photos on board the yacht.

    Anchor down at Lazarus’s island’s jetty and take a short walk to the beach where you can take your idealistic photographs on the sandy-white beach. The beach, being secluded and pristine in nature, would provide the perfect setting for you and your significant other to have the exclusive and exotic photoshoot and location of your dreams.

    Such an amazing wedding photoshoot experience would be the perfect prequel to a beautiful wedding that is to come in the near future.



    A birthday is a very special day to commemorate one’s birth into this world and one would wish to celebrate his or her birthday in a unique setting with his or her favourite people. White Sails is able to make this pre-birthday wish a reality by offering a range of services to suit the birthday person’s needs and preferences. The yachts that White Sails provide would provide the ideal atmosphere to create the birthday party of a lifetime. The birthday person would be able to celebrate his or her birthday in a special manner with his or her family and friends.

    In addition to the yacht, the guests attending the birthday party would be able to enjoy the picturesque view of the Singapore skyline both during the night and day time, depending on the time of charter, creating a value-added experience as the perspective of viewing Singapore from a yacht is different and definitely unconventional. It is part of our usual itinerary to bring our guests around the Southern Islands and/or make a stop at Lazarus Island’s sandy beach and jetty where the birthday person, family members and friends can explore the island and take a myriad of photographs to upload and share on social media platforms and treasure.

    Our yacht has the necessary facilities to store the birthday cake, birthday presents and birthday decorations, making surprise birthday parties possible as well. You can talk to us about your plans to organise the birthday celebration and we can make the necessary arrangements.

    Take the next step into making your birthday dreams a reality and in the following years to come, be pleasantly surprised with excellent deals and packages during your birthday month, courtesy from us.




    Celebrate your Bachelor party in style in one of our yachts. You and your friends would be able to enjoy the luxurious facilities our yacht has to offer i.e. air-conditioning system and comfortable leather seats, toilets and bedrooms, making you feel like you are in a five star hotel. With our stereo system, you would be able to blast your favourite playlists and party all day or night with your lads. Our yachts have the necessary facilities to store your drinks and refreshments, making your party even more enjoyable.

    Take a cruise out of One Degree 15 Marina Club, especially if you are partying at night to enjoy Singapore’s beautiful urban landscape and city lights from the sea. Such a backdrop and view would provide the best atmosphere to party with your friends. Being in a yacht with your friends and the crew, be assured to feel exclusive when it comes to celebrating and doing what you love with your favourite company. Watch the sunset with your friends from One Degree 15 Marina Club or from Lazarus Island or the open sea, depending on your preferred itinerary and take many pictures together, which would definitely spruce up your Instagram feed and Facebook page.

    White Sails offers a variety of options from dock-side parties to charters out of Sentosa Island and into the Southern Islands. It is ultimately your choice. Do talk to us and we can assist you in making the necessary arrangements to make your stag party an amazing one to remember.




    Celebrate your Hen party in style in one of our yachts. As women, luxury is always a priority and White Sails provides just that. Be pampered with our facilities, from the newly furbished interiors which contain powerful air-conditioning systems, a toilet, and bedrooms, you would feel like you are in a five star accommodation.

    Our yachts have the necessary facilities to store your drinks and refreshments, and they can be brought out by our accommodating crew upon request. Party with your girls by using our stereo systems to blast your favourite playlists. Enjoy the spectacular view of Singapore’s city skyline and its lights when you are chartering at night. If you are chartering out during the day, take in the salt-filled air, be awed by the view of the Southern Islands and capture your best moments of this party through photography as there is excellent lighting on the yacht.

    Alternatively, you could have a dockside party where you can enjoy your party in the surroundings of the well-known One Degree 15 Marina Club, which will make you feel exclusive with your girlfriends. Enjoy the sunset with your girls, as day turns into night before getting the party really gets started.

    Depending on your preference, whether is it to have the party within One Degree 15 Marina Club or have the party in Lazarus Island or even within the yacht, do not hesitate to talk to us and we can help you with your planning and make the necessary arrangements to have your desired Hen party a reality.



    A wedding proposal requires a lot of planning and coordination for it to be successful and this may prove to be challenging for some. However, do not fret as White Sails is here to make your wedding proposal a perfect and romantic one.

    Firstly, White Sails is able to provide the perfect ambience for a wedding proposal to take place. Our yachts are well-maintained and newly furbished, giving the interiors and the exteriors of the yacht a brand-new feel, which ensures couples to have a five star experience when it comes to accommodation.

    Secondly, by chartering with us, you would be able to embark on your sea journey from the prestigious One Degree 15 Marina Club and cruise around Singapore’s seas. Through the cruise, you would be able to sail past Singapore’s Southern Islands as well as to be able to enjoy the view of Singapore’s Marina Bay skyline. This would, in addition, provide the privacy and exclusivity in which you may want when it comes to proposing to your partner.

    Stop by the pristine beach of Lazarus Island and enjoy the peace and quiet that you would normally not experience with your partner when you are in mainland Singapore. The beach of Lazarus Island has crystal clear waters and a clean, white-sandy beach making it the perfect place to spend time with your loved one.

    You can have flexibility when it comes to planning your proposal. Do talk to us and we can do whatever we can to make the surprise one to remember. Our accommodating crew is always available to assist in the carrying out of the proposal if necessary.



    After finally managing to get some time off from work, you wish to spend some time with your family members. By having such a busy schedule, you desire to plan a very special day for you and your family members to treasure and remember for a long time. White Sails is able to make such an event a reality.

    Embark on a journey atop our luxurious yachts, which provide a range of amenities such as a toilet, a powerful air-conditioning system and very comfortable leather couches for family members to sit on and relax. Venture out into the open sea away from the mainland with your family and be bestowed with an eye-opening view of Singapore and Sentosa Island, and travel to the Southern Islands where you can dock and anchor to conduct fun family activities such as snorkelling, fishing, kayaking, swimming in the sea or even exploring the islands and beaches.

    A family gathering is not complete without a barbeque, which will take place on the jetty in Lazarus Island. Our accommodating crew is able to help you with the food preparations as you and your loved ones have fun catching up and participating in all the activities that are available. As you and your family members enjoy the barbeque, you would be able to enjoy the peace and quiet Lazarus Island has got to offer as well as the beautiful sunset across the horizon.

    Such a family gathering would prove to be unique, adventurous, yet luxurious at the same time. Do talk to us about your desired plans and we can make the required arrangements to make your ideal family gathering a reality.



    Singapore actually has a rich marine biodiversity, which also means many fishes do actually reside in Singapore’s waters. Travel stylishly in our yachts and venture out into the open sea where you can carry out deep sea fishing and catch many different kinds of fish.

    Our yachts provide the perfect ambience and necessary amenities to make the fishing trip a comfortable and luxurious one. Our crew is equipped with the skills to help you with the bait and fishing techniques to help you catch and reel your first fish. You will never be disappointed as catching fish in Singapore’s open seas are relatively easy and many people do take up the sport as a hobby afterward.

    While waiting for your fish, you would be able to enjoy the views of the Southern Islands as well as the skylines of Singapore’s Marina Bay, while taking in the sea breeze and gazing at the horizon. Be assured of being able to enjoy some peace, quiet and privacy as you await your angler to get caught in the hook.

    Fishing is easy to learn and is a fun activity to take part in, with either your loved ones or your peers. Talk to us about your desired fishing trip and we will do the most in our ability to make your ideal fishing trip one to cherish and remember.



    A romantic cruise is one of the most unconventional and romantic ways to spend some quality time with your loved one. A yacht, being exclusive in nature, would provide the perfect and private ambience that you would wish to have with your partner. Venture out into the open seas and be rewarded with the amazing view of the sparkling sky blue sea water, the lush greenery or the silhouette of the Southern Islands, depending on the time of charter, and also, the beautiful urban landscape of Singapore that can be viewed from a different angle (by being on sea).

    Anchor at the jetty of Lazarus Island and explore its beaches and naturistic trails. You can even walk all the way to St John’s Island and reminisce together your school camp days that took place in St John’s. Walk on the pristine beach found in the island, sink your feet in the soft white sand and be awed by the crystal clear waters pushing and pulling against the sea shore.

    Watch the sunset together or stargaze together, again depending on your time of charter, and forge amazing memories in this yacht charter. Take many pictures that can make your Instagram feed and Facebook page more vibrant as you share this special day with your friends. You can also dine in Lazarus Island, by having a barbeque which can be provided by us.

    Planning this romantic cruise is very easy and convenient. Do contact us and we can make the arrangements required to enable you and your loved one to have an amazing yacht experience.



    Launch your product in style and luxury by chartering one of our yachts. Our yachts are situated in One Degree 15 Marina Club, making it the perfect location to host such an important event for a company. Having a launch in a yacht is a very creative marketing strategy as it is being held at a unique location that is sure to garner a lot of attention from the public audience and target group.

    Refreshments are provided by us upon request, allowing this launch to be as professional and efficient. Furthermore, our yachts have excellent facilities that is sure to meet the needs of you and your guests. The facilities include a powerful air-conditioning system, a well furbished and maintained toilet and a good stereo system so that all your guests would be able to hear you when your product is about to launch.

    Having the product launch in a marina, with the salt-filled breeze, swaying trees and the sound of waves, you would definitely be assured of having a relaxed and semi-casual environment. Our accommodating crew will be at your disposal when it comes to setting up the equipment or food displays for your event.

    Product launches represent the pinnacle of small successes of a company and hence should be carried out successfully. To ensure this, do talk to us and we can make the necessary arrangements to make your product launch an enjoyable and pleasant experience for you, your company and your guests.


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